Frequently Asked Questions About Prefabricated

What should the prefab house customer do?
Prefabricated house construction is an application that can be completed in short periods. Prefabricated buildings, prefabricated villas and similar prefabricated buildings before you do or you have to do jobs.
Generally Before Prefabricated House Construction;
Prefabricated house, ground concrete and all kinds of excavation and landscaping works.
Floor and wall coverings (screed, ceramic, carpet, tiles etc.)
External external connections of the prefabricated building (electricity, waste, clean water).
Permits and license works to be taken from the municipality related to the prefabricated building.
Prefabricated house heating and cooling installations (heating, air conditioning, etc.).
Accommodation and meal costs of the assembly team in prefabricated house assemblies outside Istanbul.
Transportation and transport insurance of prefabricated material belong to our customer.
What is included in prefabricated house prices?

Prefabricated building materials (Wall panels, steel joining elements, ceiling coverings, roof insulation and roofing materials), Prefabricated house exterior door steel door, interior doors American belted door, Balcony doors PVC glazed door and exterior wall paint, electrical and water installation in the building, electrical and water fittings, prefabricated house prices.

Prefabricated homes, prefabricated building and prefabricated villas are able to fulfill all of Turkey Do?

Prefabricated building prefabricated houses and make mounting in every region of Turkey. The buyer meets the accommodation and food expenses of the prefabricated house assembly team for purchases outside Istanbul. (prefabricated house rough assembly team 5, paint assembly team is 2 people)

Prefabricated house construction license is required?

When the prefabricated house is being built, it is at the initiative of the Municipality, which is included in the region where the building will be built. In order to obtain a license for the prefabricated house, the architectural plan, electrical plan, mechanical plan and ground survey of the prefabricated building belong to the customer. The prefabricated building license and all other legal permits are the responsibility of our customer.

What is the sound and thermal insulation of prefabricated villas and houses
The outer wall thickness we use in prefabricated houses is 10 cm. The styrofoam density between the prefabricated house wall panels and the glass wool used for roof insulation provide much more heat and sound insulation than the normal reinforced concrete building.
The insulation material used for the prefabricated house meets the TSE standards. Prefabricated house prices are one of the important items.
What is the usage period of prefabricated house?

The main material used in our prefabricated house and prefabricated villas is Betopan. The manufacturer is a TEPE group in Ankara and provides a 50-year warranty against the external environment. Prefabricated building carrier system and all metal parts in connection with the outside nature are galvanized and rusted. The average life of the prefabricated building is between 30-40 years.

Can prefabricated houses be dismantled and re-installed in a different place?

Prefabricated houses can be reassembled to a different place at any time, provided that the dismantling and re-assembly fee is paid. Dismantling of the prefabricated house is done carefully. For the new prefabricated house, the infrastructure must be prepared in the characteristics of the previous prefabricated house.

Which means can the prefabricated buildings be transported?

Transport of prefabricated buildings; It is made with truck, truck, ship, train or cargo planes.The average 7m wooden muscular truck gets 90m2 prefabricated building material.The average total weight varies between 7-9 tons.

Can I make prefabricated house paint myself?

As with the reinforced concrete buildings, you can paint your prefabricated house very easily.

Are prefabricated houses only for cottage purposes?

Prefabricated houses are equipped with an insulation system that will allow use for 4 seasons. Each building can be manufactured according to climate conditions. Production is carried out considering the climate characteristics of the place where the buildings will be built.

Prefabricated house prices, what is your form of payment, do you have the opportunity to install?

As of the date of the contract, 50% of the contract price is collected as cash and the remaining 50% as 30 and 60 days in 2 equal installments. Or credit cards with a bonus feature can be paid in 9 months. For longer maturities, Turkey Finance Bank 'and you can use the specially prefabricated housing loans offered by banks for Albaraka of prefabricated houses.

Are prefabricated houses resistant to earthquakes?

It should be noted that prefabricated houses emerged as earthquake houses. Due to the fact that it is much lighter than a reinforced concrete building and the dismantled parts are assembled with steel screws, it will not blow at the moment of the earthquake but will not be demolished.

How many days will prefabricated houses be delivered?

Depending on the square meter of the prefabricated building you selected and the density of the factory, an average of 100 m2 single-storey housing is delivered within 5-7 working days. Installation of the prefabricated structure is completed in 4-5.

Want to plan and external appearance of prefabricated buildings can be made?

Prefabricated house can be built in any size and plan as long as it is suitable for prefabricated building system.

Can a prefabricated building be built on a reinforced concrete building?

It can only be made on single-storey reinforced concrete buildings. The lower building must have a solid and flat ceiling.

How many floors can be made?

Prefabricated buildings can be made as one-storey or two-storey, while steel buildings can be made of multi-storey buildings.